Palace Products
The perfect gift for all Palace fans and fashionistas.
How lovely! Exclusive tower charm for bracelets. Suitable for all charm bracelets. Real silver.
CHF 50.00
Cufflinks for every man with style.
A must-pack item in your suitcase: Badrutt´s Palace cufflinks in navy blue/silver.
CHF 125.00
Hole in one.
No doubt your handicap will be improved immediately with these Palace golf balls. Titleist golf balls (NXT Tour). In white with Badrutt´s Palace logo.
CHF 7.00
The ace in every handbag.
Playing on the go: Badrutt´s Palace bridge cards. The back side of the cards is printed in an elegant navy blue with tower symbols. Packaged in a golden box.
CHF 20.00
The newcomer in the wine cellar.
The bottle of red isn't empty yet? Time for your latest beauty: A silver coated tower cork. Suitable for all wine and champagne bottles.
CHF 85.00
For private secrets.
The luxury storage box for all secrets. High quality pine box with hand-carved tower emblem.
CHF 350.00
Forgot your head?
With this elegant notebook it will be easy to keep track. Badrutt´s Palace Moleskine®-notebook. Elegant black hardcover notebook with Badrutt’s Palace logo in gold. Closure with elastic band. Rounded edges.
CHF 28.00
In the morning at breakfast, the memories are revived.
Have a coffee while booking your next Palace holiday. Badrutt´s Palace coffee mug. Available in white with golden logo.
CHF 12.00
"Once the puzzle is done, we´ll go back to the Palace."
Oh, this won´t take long - we're super keen! Badrutt´s Palace Puzzle for kids. 300 pieces.
CHF 40.00