Kid`s Products
For the next Picasso in your family.
A pedagogically valuable gift: 12 Caran d`Ache resistant leaded coloring pencils in luminous colours. Hidden in a beautiful storage box with a printed ‹Kids' Club Palazzino› Logo.
CHF 36.00
Your child´s outfit for the next visit of Barack Obama.
With this bathrobe your little one will be well-dressed and can keep up with Prince George for Obama´s next visit. Badrutt´s Palace bathrobe. Kids' edition. White colour with embroidered logo in blue. Fluffy terry. Unisex.
CHF 70.00
Comes with his own little suitcase.
This Steiff® teddy bear is sure to become your favourite soft toy. This original fleecy Steiff® teddy bear travelling in his own little Badrutt’s Palace suitcase is the perfect souvenir for your little one.
CHF 58.00
For all new budding kitchen chefs.
‹Kids' Club Palazzino› Chef Outfit. Kids cooking set, with chef's hat and apron. ‹Kids' Club Palazzino› logo with colourful letters.
CHF 55.00
So cute: The Palace baby bath towel with a hood
This will make bathtime even more fun for your baby: fleecy bath towel with hood. White colour with embroidered ‹Kids' Club Palazzino› in colourful letters. Unisex.
CHF 40.00
Too good to be dirty.
Fortunately the chic baby bib can also be washed. Material: terry. White with red ribbon and embroidered ‹Kids' Club Palazzino› logo in bright colours.
CHF 25.00
The new star at the ‹Kids' Club Palazzino›.
Attention please. ‹Kids' Club Palazzino› jersey long sleeve polo for boys and girls. Available in green and red.
CHF 80.00
To read out loud. Or to read on your own.
Your kids will love to go to bed with this book. Pleeaase - read out loud! »Gian & Gianna«: A story about the goatherds Gian and Gianna, based in the Engadine region. For children from 6 years. German and English edition.
CHF 50.00